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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

May 27th, 28th and 29th


1214 newcastle, Brunswick, GA 31520

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About Our Brand

Bringing a uniquely fun shopping experience to excite the interior designer inside of us all!

Welcome to Xyno! We strongly believe that shopping for furniture should be an electrifying excursion that makes you excited to decorate.

Xyno is a small boutique furniture store that hosts a once-a-month fun and high-energy shopping experience in Downtown Brunswick, Georgia. Xyno Furniture offers unique industrial home furnishings and accessories curated for unconventional yet chic styles.

Each Xyno piece is hand-crafted, meaning there will be slight variations within all of the details that give the furniture its character. No two pieces are exactly the same!

Xyno’s monthly shopping experience is always first-come, first-served to promote the invigorating atmosphere that lives within the store. That being said, what you see is what you get and you can take home your new purchase the moment you buy it!

Our Mission

 Our mission is to transform the traditional furniture retail experience by presenting unique, sustainable furniture during fun and refreshing furniture buying events.

Xyno offers a “Destination Shopping” experience that allows customers to purchase unconventional furniture while also encouraging them to enjoy the excellent restaurants, cool bars, and impressive shops in Downtown Brunswick, Georgia.  #DestinationBQK



Our Journey

Inspired. Curated. Discovered.

Take a look at the fun.

Who We Are

One Small Move Transformed Into An Enormous Adventure

A chance job transfer introduced native Chicagoans, Derrick and Lisa Jordan, to the Golden Isles in 2016, where they quickly found solace within the beautiful natural landscape and warm, friendly community. Though they loved their hometown, they had simply outgrown the hustle and bustle of the Windy City, and in 2019 decided to make their new home within the tranquil city of Brunswick, GA 

The Jordans were looking for a home with history and character and were pleased to find the Old Town neighborhood had no shortage of either. During their home search, they came upon a commercial warehouse conversion that was full of potential.  The Jordans were undeniably drawn to the striking design choices that were made by the previous owner. The property offered the urban feel of Chicago, right in the middle of downtown Brunswick.

The Jordans were looking for a unique home to call their own, and this stunning work of art completely blew them away! This diamond in the rough combined functional interior updates with the original interior and exterior architecture to create an incredible masterpiece.

As it turns out, it was built around 1892 as a warehouse has served multiple purposes throughout its time, such as a Livery, an automobile shop, and an upholstery shop. The soul and flair of its history has seeped into every part of the residence.  It has character and lots of it!

Finding The Furniture To Fit The Flair

Run-of-the-mill furniture for a house like this? I do not think so!

Now, how do you make the interior furniture match the historic vibes of the home itself?

You search far and wide for high-quality and distinctive furniture, that is how!

Derrick and Lisa knew they had to find pieces that contributed to the fun and homely aura they were going for. Everything had to leverage and compliment their new home’s unique strengths. No questions about it!

 Do not be fooled by the modern commonality of the word unique! We are talking exposed bricks, exposed wooden truss, plastered walls, concrete floors, etc. Yes, this home was truly one of a kind and she wanted pieces with the same industrial feel that characterized the space.

The Jordans quickly narrowed their search to local, eco-friendly, and sustainable furniture – paying homage to the very idea of “Warehouse to Home” conversions. Unfortunately, the local furniture market, though flush with quality vintage pieces, simply could not deliver the industrial character the home deserved.

Lisa soon decided to directly connect with manufacturers from around the globe that specialized in unique, hand-crafted furniture only made from sustainable sources. As she spoke with several established vendors and manufacturers, an idea began to brew.

She contemplated, perhaps there was an opportunity here?  Perhaps she was not the only person looking for unique furniture that told a story within each individual home.

Thus, the idea of Xyno Furniture was born!

Her vision incorporated opening a non-traditional, small boutique furniture store in Downtown Brunswick, GA that focused on handcrafted and unique furniture. The kind of items she was hoping to fill her home with someday.

Lisa was keen on turning her dream into a reality within the amazing community she calls home!

The Method Behind Our Exhilarating 2-Day Shopping Event

A Refreshing Alternative To Your Average Shopping Experience

Our items are first-come, first-served!

Yes, you read that right. When you attend a sales event and spot the item you want, simply call over one of our friendly associates. They will get you squared away right there on the spot & mark it sold!

​Make sure to get to the events early so you do not miss out on any genuine pieces! Our high-quality items are extremely limited so make sure you mark your calendar for this community occasion. Now that you’re here, visit our homepage to see the dates and times that we are open next!

Take A Quick Look At Your Tentative Schedule For The Big Event

  1. Follow us on social media to find the date and time of our sales event. Also, get a sneak peek into our inventory to see what new items we are launching each month!
  2. Arrive early at the event!
  3. Have Fun.
  4. Purchase something you just cannot live without.
  5. Have Fun.
  6. After you make your purchase(s), experience the bars, restaurants, and other stores Downtown Brunswick, Georgia has to offer.
  7. And finally, HAVE FUN!

** Although our exciting shopping experience does not include deliveries, we are more than happy to recommend a few local delivery companies to assist with your next purchase!

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